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As We Grow Older

Who wants to be reminded about getting old? We all know that everyone, even a little baby starts growing old once he is born. The younger generation thinks that the old ‘f***s’ don’t know anything. The older people think we … Continue reading

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Unvoiced Thoughts

An old tune was playing on one of the Indian channels. She took up her crocheting basket and sat down. The words reminded her of another time, of another life, in a distant land, where people broke out in a … Continue reading

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Mothers Day

Wishing all my readers, and all the Mothers on WP, a very Happy Mothers Day. Love and good wishes for a great day. Celebrate Life!

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Eunice John MD

Today my dear friend Eunice would have celebrated her birthday. I would have called and wished her. She would have smiled and the dimples would have said hello to the world. She would have said, why don’t you and M … Continue reading

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  Again, some thoughts crowd my mind, mostly at night. I want to get up and put pen to paper, but the weakness of the flesh over rides that desire, and I repeat one word of my thoughts over and … Continue reading

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Andrew’s Birthday & other things

Today we celebrated Andrew’s Birthday. His birthday was on the 28th of April, but that was such a bad day, with major thunderstorms and the weather was cold. So son Sayeed decided he will have it today instead, on his … Continue reading

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