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Orchids for Murisopsis

Val was wondering about the orchids that I grow. My children give up on them when they , the plants go into hibernation. So they sometimes bring the almost dead ones over. I have some more that are in my … Continue reading

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My Garden

My dear Indian friend Rupali wanted to see some flowers that I grow. Most of you have seen them. But you know what a ‘show off’ I am. So please bear with me.

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Summer doldrums.

I have been lazy. The spirit-is-willing, but-flesh-is-tired, kind of lazy! May be it is age. Perhaps it is all about 2020. Can you imagine, this year has been so bad that in future people will start making comments like, “Dang … Continue reading

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Addressing My Life

Take it easy my life, don’t rush so I still have many debts to pay back—- I need to erase some aches, need to fulfill some commitments Walking with you at your pace, some friends sulked, and some left my … Continue reading

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