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Monsoon Symphony

The continuous pitter patter of rain on the windows, on the deck, and on the leaves, when you open the front door to grab the mail from the mail box, makes me so nostalgic for another time, and another place. … Continue reading

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A baby comforter

A few weeks back I had told you about Sarah and her baby shower etc. Well I made a comforter for her and finished it today. Will mail it to her tomorrow. Because the fabric is satin, the light is … Continue reading

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Grand Day.

Wish all the men who are dads and grandfathers, a beautiful day of bliss and love. Happy Father’s Day.

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I have these hungry squirrels that steal food from my bird feeders. And they are getting fat on the fruit/nut/millet/and sunflower seeds. My gardener Todd had covered the pole with an acrylic polycarbonate tube, which we thought was long enough … Continue reading

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The answering Machine at a school in Australia.

This is the actual answering-machine message for the Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia. Wait for the phone to ring for the voice mail.   This one is priceless !    You have to listen to this.

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Mohamed’s Surgery

By The Grace of Almighty, the surgery went very well. Mohamed’s CT scan had shown a large growth in his left sinus, and every one was concerned that it would be a very involved procedure for cancer etc. Thanks to … Continue reading

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A quick note

Mohamed will be having surgery tomorrow at the university hospital in St. Louis. He has a growth in his Maxillary sinus, which has been  followed by the ENT specialist at Barnes/Jewish. Will appreciate kind thoughts for good healing and quick … Continue reading

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