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Last week I read a friend’s post on Facebook about his birthday. There was a mistake about his date and he ended up with two different dates.  That got me thinking about my own. Hold the thought right there, please. … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Mountains, kind of!

Really! One would think I went hiking! I was in Denver CO, to visit my nephew (Thought In The Dark); some of you have read his work on WP. Anyway, after returning from the funeral in Chicago on Saturday, I … Continue reading

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At Eunice’s Funeral.

Losing any one you know, is always painful. But losing one of the dearest friends, and one of the most beautiful ladies that graced this earth, is heart wrenching and a loss difficult to bear. Eunice John MD was such … Continue reading

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This is what was published by the Christian Medical College Alumni Association. What is described here about Eunice, is just a drop in the bucket. I am so happy that i knew her, and lived with her in the hostel, … Continue reading

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For Eunice

You– dear heart, blessed us with your simplicity your humility we wore around our hearts. You showed us what selflessness meant and you defined the word ‘sacrifice’ to us I can weep that you are gone, but instead I will … Continue reading

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My son’s commencement speech at Graduation.

It is about six minutes long. If you feel like, please watch. I love his speeches.  

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