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Ramblings in the dark of the night.

 (In Other Words, Insomnia) This night is mine I think, tonight my night comes alone to me, without her friend the moonlight; wants to keep me company, the darkness says. I hear the crickets singing outside, and there is darkness … Continue reading

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Constellations and Winter Planets.

Constellations and winter planets. ( Scavnger Hunt # 5) Paper boats in the day sparklers at night hugs and kisses, sweet memories… each like a star in the sky. Hugs that felt warm smiles that charmed,tender in the cocoon of … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt #4

Doctor, Lost recipe, Church. Should I be ashamed at the helplessness I feel? They tell me I need to “be seen”– all it was, was a written two bit, … so what if it came down from my grandmother? They … Continue reading

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A Birthday

A Birthday. Yesterday was my birthday. It was one of the best birthdays I have had. Started the computer in the morning and I saw the Google emblem with the cakes and stuff. So I thought to myself, ‘oh wow, … Continue reading

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Story about the OWLS. (Scavenger Hunt prompt by Leah Steichen Mooney) My grandmother was a wise lady. I know that because my father respected her a lot, and every morning he would bend down to touch her feet, asking for … Continue reading

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