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Patients Vs Physicians

It is too bad that physicians have to become patients sometimes. They know too much, and they don’t know much—- about being a patient. Not talking about being patient and having patience. I am talking about the physicality of being … Continue reading

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End of Ramadan, and this that

Last week was a busy week. The month of fasting was over. M’s sister had come up for the Eid celebration. She was with us the whole week. We all got together at a local Park. After the prayers we … Continue reading

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Mothers Day

I wish all the mothers, a blessed, happy, and healthy Mothers Day. Love, Zakiah.

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I have tried three times to upload images from my iPhone. I am informed that it is publishing them, but there is nothing here. GAH! Last week the rhododendrons were so beautiful and pink and spread around like a pink … Continue reading

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