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Can I? May I? Should I?

Can I hold you back? Touch you? Want you? Can I ask for love as you walk away? Can I ask for five minutes of your time? Can I tell you how much I miss you? May I hold your … Continue reading

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Lake Lure North Carolina.

Last week I went to Lake Lure North Carolina to visit a friend. Indra and her husband Murphy had been my friends for more than fifty years. I had known Indra from childhood. Murphy was an alumnus of my medical school. He … Continue reading

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Smart Answers.

Smart answers … On a flight, a guy asked a beautiful lady sitting next to him… ‘Nice perfume…..which one is it?… I want to gift it to my wife..!!’ Lady: ‘Don’t Buy it for her….some idiot will find an excuse … Continue reading

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These flowers fill my heart with so much joy. Hope you enjoy these beauties too. Daffodils, and tulips and crocuses and magnolias… the colors of my garden!  

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Blood Moon

Well, I didn’t get to see it. Even though I was prepared for it. Woke up, or rather, didn’t sleep the whole night, (insomnia) because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see the blood moon. I got out … Continue reading

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Rushmore Judd’s post on facebook.

This is truly hilarious. I hope you will laugh out as loud as I did. I wanted Rush to know that I would post it here and on xanga. SO here you are friends. Laugh and enjoy. “Once again, The … Continue reading

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