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Remembering Childhood—with Gratitude

The green fields of home, where the color greenmatched the early leaves of spring in this town-this feeling of being away for so long, missing themoments of laughter with friends and siblings– I miss! Give me back my childhood, without … Continue reading

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My Nephew

My dear sweet nephew came here on the first of October and left this morning. He drove his motor coach all the way from Denver CO and parked it in an RV park on the outskirts of the town. He … Continue reading

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The civilized Country:

I just posted about The Civilized Country on WP, and forgot to add a couple of lines. While I love to get comments, I would appreciate it if people who are willing to comment, can be civil. Truly would appreciate … Continue reading

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The Civilized Country.

In the fifties sixties and seventies, it was such a great and honorable achievement to come to America. My cousins would travel here by steamers and were welcomed by Universities. They became heads of the various departments and made their … Continue reading

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Textured bark

Incredible texture of the trunk of a tree at the club.

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The Last Hole—– by Andrew Ali.

This was written by my grandson Andrew. Not sure if I have told you what an amazing and avid golfer he is. This is entirely his way of putting his thoughts on paper. Please excuse his spelling mistakes and the … Continue reading

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I am back again….

I have been gone for a long while. The WordPress was giving me a headache. Couldn’t write anything right, and couldn’t post pictures. So annoying and frustrating. My nephew, Masood Sayeed (remember him?), he has his blog Wander Lust and … Continue reading

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Cloudless blue sky, loving the colors of this Oak tree in my neighbor’s yard. Looks as if they are smiling at each other’s beauty.

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