Going to Sleep


This is an offering to the month of April.

Mother always warned
“Don’t get too close to people, and
don’t allow strangers
to visit you often!”

A dutiful daughter, I paid attention
but this woman, comes daily~
at the wrong time, and pulling
my eyelids apart, says, “I see you!”

My sleep, which was just on the verge
of heaven, eludes, and grinding my teeth
I yell, “Get out, I have told you before
I don’t like you. Don’t come back again!”

She smiles, and sitting on my pillow
says, “You and I are part and parcel of the same night
my dear. You like your sleep I know, but I am
just an insomniac, and like to have company!”©

Zakiah Sayeed
April 14th 2018.

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Locked Silence

Shuttered windows
doorways frozen in silence

Tables and chairs
like lumps of silence
stare at the fire in the hearth.

The snow, it keeps a falling
noiselessly, in feathery silence
~ if only I could hear a sound

Only the sound of your voice
this silence will be bearable
and the snow would look beautiful~

And this day can be saved.

Zakiah Sayeed
NPM April 9th.


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Poetry Month???

Is there a challenge floating around for poets to write their two bits?? I would like to know. I realized just  now that this is April and it is the poetry month. So I offer for you, my two bits!

When You Enter My Dream
They are fragile
my dreams;

They beg for stealth
and moccasined feet.

I beg that you walk softly
so the glass of my dreams
doesn’t shatter and wake me up.

Zakiah Sayeed
April 6th 2018.


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Cyber Attack

Messenger Chat on Tuesday March 20th 2018.

S… (my friend from med school)_ sends an invite to me to connect on messenger. So I sent her a “wave.” Almost immediately I get a message.

S.. Hello!

Me.. Hi S. Heard you were in England for a conference. Hope you had a good time.

S: Yes.    I am good and you too?

{ I wondered why she didn’t say anything about her trip abroad.}

Me: Yes, I am good. Just waiting for warmer temperatures. The crocuses have started blooming and are glorious. If only the weather would warm up!

S: alright great to hear from you!!!

{Me, scratching my head. She usually responds to weather related questions!! Hmmm}

I’m really so much very happy lately hope heard about the good news too?

 [so much very happy? What an insult to S’s impeccable command of the language!]

Me: No, S, what news? About Eunice? ( A mutual friend who lives in Chicago, undergoing chemo for a rare cancer)

S: The department of health and human service are helping the youth, retired, widowed and also the disable and some working class in the society I just benefited from the program also I got sum of $150,000 from them have you apply also?

(I need to let the readers know that my friend has excellent command of the English language and never makes grammatical errors. She is a very dignified and cool lady who would never speak about money. SO you can imagine where this cyber conversation was going.)

Me: No S, I did not know anything about this. I will talk to you this afternoon. I am at the Wellness Center, exercising. I am very happy for you.

S: Anyway I think you should text their claiming agent now on their text number, or their facebook page before the program closed so that you can also try your luck and see if you can get something good from them too. Do you know how to do that?

Me: No I don’t. {{By this time I am telling myself, wait till I expose this harami.}}Can you text the details to me?

S: Hold on… While I look up for the facebook link of the agent for you.

(Then I get a link https://www.facebook.com/celenadeponte.william.9. Along with this link there is a photograph of a woman.)

Just click on the link now and send her a friend request first before you message her

Me: I have caught on to your sick hacking game you idiot. You think I am a fool? I have reported you to facebook and to local police and FBI here!!

I did not hear anything for a couple of hours, and then I got another message, which was a continuation of the message from above.

S: that is there claiming agent facebook link tell her that a friend of yours told you about this program and you can get qualified too to claim your own winning money before the program get closed

This was followed with a thumbs up icon. Not sure if he /she gave that thumbs up sign after reading my last message that his plan of cyberattack was exposed. Anyway, I responded to him/ her with this.

Me: Go to hell why don’t you? I have reported your hacking you sleaze ball. Don’t ever try to contact me again. People like you should be in jail.


This conversation on the messenger unnerved me. I have never had this kind of cyberspace problem in the past. But we live cheek by jowl with the cyber technology, and the perils that it comes with. I am posting this here so others can be alerted, to look out for these individuals who prey on old people.

From the get go, I had this feeling that this was a hoax, because my friend who lives in a Southern state is totally nonchalant about games and winnings and would never talk about such cheap things like winning money, or advice anyone to play the same game. I just wanted to know how far he would go, and I got the link and have given it to the sheriff here and sent it on to FBI contact in Springfield IL.

Live and learn I suppose!

Zakiah Sayeed Ali.

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Children of Syria.©

How many days more
before I watch the news channel
stating, “no wars, or skirmishes
around the world to report?

I watch the hunger in the eyes of
children, covered in blood, and imagine
it getting dark, scabs forming on their
tender skin.

If I could, I would cover these children
with my body, dry their eyes of tears and fears
feed their souls with love, and cover their bodies
with rainbow colored clothes

How long before all this fades from my memory
and how many days before I lay my hands
on a newspaper, any newspaper
that’s not soaking in children’s blood.©

Zakiah Sayeed


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A Parade

The stagnant mind rebels
does not want to remember
does not want to indulge
shuts the door, to the streets of yore
to the laughter of innocence;

Wants to put hands over the ears
and forget about the splashes on the beach,
and the white shells
in the apron of the dress:

This aging mind wants to erase
the soft touch of care,
the nectar of mangos
trickling down the chins
the sliced bananas in sweetened heavy cream;

There is such a pall of nonchalance
covering the sulci of this brain~
refuses to admit that it longs
for the feel of that sand
on that corner of the earth, and hear

the music of glass bangles
in the wrists of young girls,
or smell the fragrance
of jasmine buds in their hair, heady
and intoxicating. Such a parade of memories
that keeps on coming, softly, silently–

There is no music with this parade
no band accompanying the footsteps

How do I delete this procession of memories??


Zakiah Sayeed ©
March 7, 2018

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(I think my muse is trying to wake up. Hallelujah! )

Why do I feel your nearness
when you are away thousand miles and more?

I feel you amidst a crowd of people
and I search for your face
my eyes travel along the faces of strangers
and return to a soft sob of my heart
seeking comfort.

But the feeling of your nearness
it never leaves me. Like a sixth sense
you engulf me. That’s all!



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