This Feeling

Why do I feel your nearness
when you are thousands of miles away from me?

I feel you amidst a crowd of people
and I search for your face
my eyes travel along the faces of strangers
and return to a soft sob of my heart
seeking comfort.

And the feeling of your nearness
it never leaves me. Like a sixth sense
you engulf me.
That’s all!


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Watermelon and the Butterfly (a repost)

Sometimes I leave the watermelon rind out on the deck for the birds and the bees to feast themselves on the sweet seeds and flesh of the fruit. This afternoon, I saw a beautiful butterfly just loving the fruit and seemed like it couldn’t get enough of the nectar. I thought may be it was stuck and M tried to kind of touch it with a blade of grass. It flew out and landed on the railing, and didn’t move for a while. I think the poor thing is drunk. Here are some pictures we took. But after a couple of minutes it flew back to the fruit, and I truly believe it is a case of total intoxication!

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My recent paintings.

Okay NOW, I am able to upload these two paintings without the disturbing line. 

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Art Workshop

After posting the paintings, i see that there is a line going through the paintings with arrows pointing to right and left. I have no frikking idea how to get rid of them. Sorry about the mish mash of my work. Dang. WordPress, you suck!

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Art Workshop

Last weekend we had a workshop of watercolor paintings of landscapes by Alicia Farris. She is an amazing water colorist, and has been honored with numerous awards, and her work has appeared in many national and French magazines.
Last year I had attended a work shop given by her on Portraits. I loved the way she taught and encouraged and was so good with her comments and critiquing. This year she was invited again and she took us through landscapes and seascapes.

Alicia likes small groups so she could pay attention to each and everyone.We were about 16 of us I think. It was such a comfortable group, and I loved having her in Quincy. She honored us by staying with us in our home. That was lovely. And she actually liked the Indian food I made on Friday night.

The painting of the landscape above, I did on Friday at the workshop. Didn’t care for it much. So after Alicia left on Saturday afternoon, I sat and re-painted that and added some color, and you see that painting in the same frame below the one from Friday. However, when I compared them, I didn’t think that the first one was that bad, especially the trees, looked better with the depth. I liked the leaves hanging above better in the first frame. But the cattle looked more like pigs than cows, which look better in the second frame. I should have added some more leaves on the right upper corner.Well any way, I like them both, but I know that I wouldn’t be selling them. Both are not the best. If and when I become better, I shall try it again.

The second painting was of the sea and waves and people walking on the beach. I did this with Payne’s gray and Ultramarine blue. Actually it looks like WP has its own mind and won’t let me put that painting below the landscape. It took me almost half hour to just bring the paintings up here.
Whatever. I am not sure if I will continue to post here and post pictures on WP. Such a headache.

Anyway, these are the two paintings we did of a landscape and seascape. We did a couple more, from the printed samples that she had brought. But I am not going to go through that headache again. Why can’t WP leave good alone?

So, what do you think?

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Drifting Apart (C)

Floating along in a mindless voyage

Buoyed up and down

In a bubbly prattle of waves

Pieces of driftwood

Wondering where they belong.

Holding on to past aches

Ignoring nebulous signs

Playing games of ‘may be today’

Each day—a day of anticipation

Each night, a valley of loneliness!

We have drifted apart~

I have silenced the songs of my heart

And walked away, weathered and beaten,

A solitary piece of driftwood!(C)


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Orchids for Murisopsis

Val was wondering about the orchids that I grow. My children give up on them when they , the plants go into hibernation. So they sometimes bring the almost dead ones over.

I have some more that are in my Cannon Camera. They are just gorgeous. I have never seen the delicate pastels of pink and orange in the petals before. I am lazy to get out of the bed and post them (1:30 a m now).

Val hope you like them. Love and hugs.

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My Garden

My dear Indian friend Rupali wanted to see some flowers that I grow. Most of you have seen them. But you know what a ‘show off’ I am. So please bear with me.

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Summer doldrums.

I have been lazy. The spirit-is-willing, but-flesh-is-tired, kind of lazy! May be it is age. Perhaps it is all about 2020. Can you imagine, this year has been so bad that in future people will start making comments like, “Dang man! You are nothing but a 2020! Or, if someone messes up something and the friends say, “That is just 2020 all over again for you, ain’t it?”

But that is not the reason I am being lazy. I have no idea why I am lazy. I am reading a lot, and don’t want to put the book down. Busy with my garden, and am  watching some Pakistani Urdu dramas on YouTube, and marvel at the beauty of that language. So pure, so crisp and so refreshing. I love that language.

So anyway, ever since my book Gulistan was published, I have been getting so many calls and emails from all the Toms, Dicks and Harrys, to allow them to market it. I know very well that they will do it nicely but I would have to pay them to market it. Amazon and Barnes &Noble do just as well, me thinks. I have discouraged these men and women who hound me, or let the message machine take the calls and I ignore them.

Recently, I have been courted by some people with several well-known companies, telling me that they are interested in making a movie. I about fell off my seat. I of course told them that I was not interested. But there is a deluge of calls from New York, North Carolina, and California, representing some Hollywood movie people. I have Googled them, and what do you know, they are genuine companies. You should read some of the language they try to snare me with.

The final mail I have received yesterday, from one of the marketing companies is, that the film company is willing to pay me 50K for Copy Rights! If I don’t like that offer they would ask for more. These people, they are so slick! Why? Why on earth would anyone want to make a film of the stories from my book? Why would anyone want to tempt me? Can you imagine an older lady, much like me or younger, how she could easily fall for this crap.

So, I did what I think was right. I replied to their mail and said that I have to talk to my accountant and my attorneys before I could say yay or nay! Then I called the brain in my family, my son Sayeed and showed him the various mails. He read them all and said, “You know mom, I have to show these to the attorney and see what they think. Personally I think they are trying to get some money out of all this, but let’s talk to the attorneys first!”

So that’s where I am with my book and the “movie project.”

In other news, the garden is behaving well. Got tons of tomatoes, and the colors of sunflowers and dahlias and gladiolus continue to be vibrant. Have a great rest of the week, and stay safe and stay well.

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Addressing My Life

Take it easy my life, don’t rush so
I still have many debts to pay back—-

I need to erase some aches,
need to fulfill some commitments

Walking with you at your pace,
some friends sulked, and some left my side—

I have to console those who sulked
need to bring laughter to those who cried

Some un-quenched desires I still hang on to
need to work on these unfinished yearnings—

Some wants and needs that were smothered in this heart,
I need to give them a proper burial.

Some tenacious relationships broke in protest
and some were let go as I tried knitting them through my life.

Some who demand the rights of my existence, and the air I breathe
I have to console and erase these wounds of broken promises.

My life, don’t rush on by
I have so many damages to amend and correct.©


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