It’s all my fault.

Why did the surgery have to be cancelled? My fault! Why did I have to get sick? Pfffttt! Now I have to wait till next Monday the 1st of October.

I have been getting get well cards and phone calls telling me to be brave and hoping that the surgery went well. arrrggghh! My fault. Why did I get sick?

Today, I received the most beautiful Orchid plant I have seen. It has so many branches and each branch is LOADED with buds. This plant came all the way from California from dear friend Janet. Oh My Goodness, my jaw dropped when I saw the number of buds and how beautiful the plant is. I should have had the surgery by now, because it was sent in anticipation of the fact that the surgery was over and I would have loved seeing this while recuperating.

Well, my fault! So silly, like a little child, no? I had to go and get sick.

But, I am telling you, the plant looks absolutely gorgeous, see for yourself. Thank you Janet, a million times thank you for thinking of me and sending it on. I shall cherish it. I love growing orchids.IMG_7238

Love and hugs to you Janet for this thoughtful gift of blooming life.


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sicker than a dog??

The surgery is cancelled. I have been sicker than a dog , with bronchitis, congestion, and the other crud that goes with it. I had every thing all packed and ready to put in the car. But I have been feeling so poorly these past two days, that I have wondered about the surgery and its complications if my lungs were weak.

This morning at ten till nine, ( I was supposed to leave town at nine to reach St. Louis at 11, and be subjected to the knife at 1:30) , the surgeon’s office finally called to say that it is cancelled.

Next date is October 3rd. Hopefully this old body will stay healthy at that time.

Just wanted you all to know.


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A Tiny Unwanted Seed


It was just a seed
of fear that took shape
tried to push it away
but it took root

The fear that took shape
was just a seed
digging deep into the tissue
finding a warm home

Digging deep into the tissue
finding a warm home
it grew helter-skelter
unbeknown to her

Unbeknown to her
it grew helter-skelter
until it showed its ugly head
and the doctors yelled

And the doctors yelled
when the seed grew helter-skelter
“how could you ignore this?
This cancer that has taken over your body??”

“I thought it was just a tiny seed, or
a figment of my imagination”,
she whispered.©

Zakiah Sayeed

Dear, Dear friends of mine. I have known you for how long? Most of you I have known since 2007 when I retired and joined Xanga. After Xanga’s demise, you all have continued to be gracious and kind to me, and have appreciated the way I write. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A little over a month ago, I found a small lump in my breast. Yaaaaahhh! It turned out to be malignant. I have been through a grinding mill it seems with all the tests and blood works and the scans and what not. St. Louis, which is two hours away from here, has the Siteman Cancer Center at the Washington University, in the Barnes/ Jewish complex. I have been seeing a wonderful lady surgeon who will be doing a mastectomy on Wednesday.

I am doing very well. Not angry, not scared, not depressed, and not worried. I have lived a wonderful life and am blessed with the best children, and amazing friends all over the world through these pages. Apparently I have good outcome with this tumor, and even though I have written in my poem that it is spread through the body, it really hasn’t, and the prognosis looks good. My only worry is that I do not want my children to be scared for me, or worry about me. So far they have been pillars of strength. I have never asked “why me?” because I have always thought with every little thing that is not to my liking, “why not me? Why should I be special?” So rest assured, that I am doing fine.

Thank you all for being my dear friends. Janet and Mattie, I love you. Your mails have given me so much courage.

Blessings to all of you.



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Winfield KS.

It’s a small town. Something like Hannibal MO. Has a population of 12 thousand people.  The people are very kind, charming and friendly. The alumni from my medical school met up there last week. Shanti who was the hostess, is a retired pathologist like me. Her husband is a part time Surgeon now. He works two or three days a week.

We were fifteen of us who decided to meet there, and believe me, I had such a lovely time. All of us were contemporaries, and knew each other so well. Shanti had me stay at her home along with another dear friend. The others stayed in a hotel near by. They would saunter over after their breakfast at the hotel and spend the whole day in her home or her gardens. Speaking of which, the gardens were eye candy. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos. Unbelievable beauty of flowers and foliage. She has three green houses, which she fills up during winter. It is like a quasi jungle . SO many different birds and it felt as if we were away in some far away country side.

I am going to paste some pictures from my trip. I hope I am successful in doing that.

One of the surprising things I found there, was the MANGOES!! OMG! Shanti had got the best mangoes from somewhere and had them waiting for me. I ate one or two every single day! Can you believe the size on them fruits!?


The flowers were amazing. Tall phlox and naked ladies and everything in between. Feast your eyes. The host, Dr. Samuel is third from left, and Shanti is third from right. My friend next to me and I wore the Christian Medical College t-shirts that were brought for all of us by the surgeon who is standing to the far left.

This is the view from the deck. Couldn’t get enough of the beauty that surrounded us.



Naked Ladies below. I want them in my yard.




In the picture above, there is a waterfall in the background. The water is pumped up from a huge tank below the ground, and all you see, is the water cascading between the slabs of stone. Beautiful.

This was the group photo we took outside a train depot, which is converted into a restaurant. A few of the guys are missing. Wonder where they went.


They have two horses. OMG! They were so gorgeous. Ate the carrots right out of our hands.


We missed Eunice so much. I was sending her pictures of the group every day. She sent the most elegant arrangement of 18 roses.




The garden with the flowers wrapped itself around the homestead. Everywhere I looked, I saw colors.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing this vista as much as I did.



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A Mish Mash of things written

I am ashamed. Really and truly. I have been so overdue with my posts. I know I have been very busy, but, I have always been very busy, and used to always have time to sit and write something, SOMETHING on my blog. I wonder if it is because of Xanga. Damn it! Why did that site have to close? Any how, let me tell you what I have been doing.
Talking to three different companies regarding the publication of my book. not sure whom I am going to go with. Will let you know by and by.

Andrew my 8 year old prince has been playing a lot of golf. He took part in the Masters “kids event” for Drive, Chip and Putt! He came first in in the Putt section, outing a humongously long put, and over all came in second in the whole event, among 36 kids, in the 8 to 10 year age group. So proud of him.

Went to Chicago last week to get my knee checked. Hadn’t seen the surgeon in over three years. My bad! But was told everything looks great. From there went on to be with my friend Eunice. She is doing better I think. her weight is stable, is able to sit and talk for a longer time, and has started eating some food. She still gets very tired, sleeps a lot after the infusions, and gets winded when she talks too much. Unfortunately, there are multiple metastatic lesions in the lungs, and she has some fluid between the layers around the lungs. Hopefully the immunotherapy infusions will help. Over all, I found her appearance more satisfactory. So I may not go back up again till the end of the year may be.

My son in law Dave has been doing good too. Stable, with good lab and scan results. So grateful to God for His mercy.

The garden grows. Lots of eggplants, tomatoes and okra. Bunches of roses. The Japanese beetles are causing a havoc though. Have had the garden sprayed , and I feel I am much better than some of the other people who are almost crying because these varmints have taken over their yards.

Wad going through some old photographs, and came across these. I posted them on my facebook page as “throw back Thursday topic”. These were taken in 1989. I had gone to New York to play tennis with some celebrities. It was a function set up by different hospitals in the country. Alex Trebec was the man telling us the various rules etc. I played with many people, and here you  can see me with Linda Lavin (Alice, from the soap Mel’s Diner), Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Alec Ballwin, (No words can describe how handsome this bloke was when he walked on the court and shook my hand, saying “hi, I have the privilege of being your doubles partner!”) I didn’t know who he was, and I asked him, and sheepishly he said, “I am an actor!” Oh well, so much for my general knowledge! But now when you see him you can see how he has fatted up!! I have done that too. There was a very elegant and gala affair with a dinner at the end of the three days. I cannot believe how thin I was then. Pfffttt!

Throwback Thursday. (from my face book page)
In 1989, I had gone to New York to play in the Celebrity Tennis program. It was sponsored by a local hospital, and was attended by numerous people of different hospitals. Alex Trebec was in charge, and he was the man telling us the various rules. It was such a grand event. Here are some pictures.
It is fun to look at old photoes and see how much I have changed!! Linda Lavin acted as Alice on Mel’s Diner in the sit com, and playing with Alec Balwin was too cool. Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers was a super gentleman on court and off court. The three day event ended with a gala dinner.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Image may contain: 2 people, including Zakiah Ali, people smiling
Image may contain: 2 people, including Zakiah Ali, people smiling
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

So that’s it for now. Will try really hard to keep in touch. Please don’t give up on me. Love you all.



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Visit by a xanga friend

How many of you remember Carlos Carrion? His id on xanga was xccrider,  for sometime it was also soltero_alma. He was one of the most congenial and cordial gentleman of xanga. He would always stop by my page and say something that would boost my ego.

Well, he came to visit me form California. SO sweet, no? He came in on Wednesday. His flight out of CA got delayed by over an hour, and he lost his connection to Chicago from Phoenix and from Chicago to Quincy. Consequently, he arrived at 9:30 in the night instead of 4:50 the original time!! So sad. Felt horrible for him that he had traveled THE ENTIRE day, traveling…. from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm. But M and I were so happy that he made it here finally and it has been such a fabulous visit with him.

Quincy is a small town, and not much to talk about, except the beautiful old homes on Main street and the River Mississippi. Yesterday gave him a little tour of the place and introduced him to the family last night. We had a great time with everyone at the dinner. I hope Carlos wasn’t bored with Saadia and Sayeed chatting and telling all the different stories of their kids and this town.

Here are a few pictures from his visit. Too bad that he has to leave tomorrow early morning. I hope he returns soon. On the way to the airport, I saw the Blood Moon. Stopped on the highway and took some photos.

This was such a welcoming site for me, perfect to welcome a dear friend. Here are some more pictures from along the River Mississippi, and at home last night.


May be I will have some more pictures in another day or two.





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At home, in India, where I grew up, and saw the way of the home and the hearth– of the family members that opened their arms, where smiles didn’t end at the lips but extended to their eyes and welcomed strangers to come inside and eat some food.

My dadi* used to say, never stay more than three days in homes where you are guests. But my family, when they saw someone at the door, whether the monsoons came or not, whether koyel in the trees sang or not and whether the crows announced the arrival of guests or not,

My family asked these strangers to come inside. It didn’t matter whether they were Muslims or not, they spread a table of food for the guests. Never asked them where they were coming from or where they were headed. They usually stayed for three days.

Dadi* would say, give them food, so they have the strength to answer any question that arose. The three days usually bonded the guests to the family~ and no one cared that they had wandered into our lives.

Would you like some more rice? More badaam*? some sharbath*? Here you take this pillow with the green silk case. It is soft, and you would sleep like a baby. Don’t worry about your travel-weary oxen, the maali* has given them good hay already.

My family, they cared. It didn’t matter they were busy; they lied– no, we were not busy at all! No we were not planning to go anywhere. Did we give you that impression? Oh we apologize! Your arrival in our home, is Allah’s grace. We are blessed, indeed. Sitting with you, breaking the bread and drinking this water with you, that’s the best thing that has happened today. Let me refresh your tea with lemon and mint. Today is a blessed day—

And I heard my father say that almost every day—
what a blessed day it is, you have graced my home

Copyright. © Zakiah Sayeed June 24, 2018

Dadi= paternal grandmother Badaam= almonds Sharbath= fruit juice Maali= gardener.

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