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Our older sister wanted a cat. So she got one. And that should have been the beginning and the end of the story, right? Well, not really.This cat was a Calico, with patches of burnt sienna and black on her … Continue reading

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A Cairn

High up in the mountains of Norway, there is a memorial of sorts. I saw this photo taken by Mazeeepuram, during her climb, and it spoke to me as if a mother was holding a child. I hold you to … Continue reading

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Quincy Artists Guild

The Quincy Artists Guild had their first Display at the Cheryl Loatsch Studio last night. It was such a wonderful evening, with so many patrons and art lovers, who attended the inauguration. Here are some photos of the evening. Some … Continue reading

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Saturday Cooking.

Cucumbers, and tomatoes, and okra and eggplants. If I am not growing them, the friends are, and they supply their produce to my doorstep. Of course there is reciprocity.The oriental eggplants are just going to town in my garden. Lots … Continue reading

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Saadia has become a Master Gardener. These are the blooms on the hibiscus plants.

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Unwanted Mail

Unwanted Mail How many of you get trash in the mail. Bekaar envelopes that fill the mail box. Many of them are asking for donations to this foundation of that charity event, Some are genuine and I usually send something … Continue reading

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First sunflower of the Summer.

I didn’t plant sunflowers this year. This lone plant grew from the wanton seeds of last year, amidst the roses. It is huge and the plant is over seven feet tall. The sun was behind the clouds, and the day … Continue reading

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I generally do not take pictures of the fireworks. This year, we were at the country club for the fourth of July event and after a good buffet, just stayed on for the boom booms. What impressed me was the … Continue reading

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Paintings and Plumeria

While the cataract surgery sort of made me lazy to do much, I made up for the laziness by painting a few things. And finally I want to talk about my Plumeria/Frangipani. We used to have these at home and … Continue reading

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