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The Victim

Some of you might remember when I had talked about the mother who has five children, each child by a different father, and each father in a different prison scattered over the state? Well, the mother just gave birth to her … Continue reading

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My son was about three years old, and had a little problem saying the letters ‘S’ and ‘F’. He would substitute the letter H for those two letters. For instance whenever a kid would ask him what his name was, … Continue reading

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Lunch and Dinner

I have been trying to eat healthy. This was my lunch today. Thin slices of smoked turkey breast. I spread some guacamole on them. Added slices of cucumber and rolled the slices up. Had some carrots along and for dessert … Continue reading

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These sounds of music orchestrated, the body vibrating to the drumbeats feet restless and mind in a frenzy heartbeats in rhythm wanting to dance~ All because I thought of you last night! ZSA : March 2014

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Two Haikus

Feelings comatoseNeurons itching to attackMy pen to paper!  Dreaming of oceansFoam edged waves calling alwaysDeleted footprints! ZSA 2011  

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What do you think?

  listen to me we are here for just a few moments let’s hum our old songs pretend there is music on the other side of this river let our fingers feel the charged sparks listen to our footsteps dance … Continue reading

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An Indian Event. An Update with pictures

A young 35 year old man, Kevin , is the owner of a restaurant in Quincy. He is the master chef and an extraordinary human being. He reminds me of a little puppy dog, innocent and cute. He usually has … Continue reading

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