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DISGUST, A Recollect!

Remember my post in the month of November when I ranted and raved about the company which is famous for gourmet foods? I had sent a package of food through the Mackenzie/Chesapeake Bay company to a friend who lives in … Continue reading

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I have taken a few words from Murisopsis in compiling this post. Being a mother is learning about the strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears that you didn’t know existed. Love is such an ethereal emotion. … Continue reading

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So, a couple of weeks back, I received an alert from my credit card company. It asked me, “Did you authorize this transaction?” Below this sentence was a box which said, Xoom (not Zoom) for $440 to be transferred overseas? … Continue reading

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The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. All sages and learned people have tried to tell us that. We just have to remember the different stones for the foundation that becomes simplicity. Love, gratitude, respect, honesty, giving, and tolerance of each … Continue reading

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