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An Update. This post is to let the members know about my efforts to gather some money to donate towards the relief of our Muslim brothers and sisters of Myanmar. I have sold several of my paintings and painted cards, … Continue reading

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Rohingya Muslims. I am sorry that I keep harping about these people of Myanmar who are being mercilessly butchered, raped, murdered while they are running away from the Military atrocities, and whose homes (entire villages) are being burnt. I have … Continue reading

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My Speech At the 9/11 Memorial service.

In these turbulent times of Islamophobia, I am pleased that I am asked to say a few words, a small prayer perhaps, or offer a humble supplication today. In case you are wondering, yes I am a Muslim, and my … Continue reading

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Rohingya Muslims. Why is the world closing its eyes and silencing its tongue? Does anyone know what is happening in Myanmar? (Burma) An ethnic cleansing, which really is an understatement, is going on there, at a scale that might put … Continue reading

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How Does my Garden Grow?

I had to prune my rose bushes to get rid of the Japanese beetles that had infested the plants. The rain the heat and the pruning probably helped a lot. The roses have never looked as healthy or as large. … Continue reading

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Eid—The Holiday.

Yesterday the Muslims of the world celebrated the Eid al Adha, The Holiday of the Sacrifice, commemorating the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham’s obedient response to God’s order of sacrificing his son. This sacrificial agreement by the prophet of course is … Continue reading

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