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This Feeling

Why do I feel your nearnesswhen you are thousands of miles away from me? I feel you amidst a crowd of peopleand I search for your facemy eyes travel along the faces of strangersand return to a soft sob of my … Continue reading

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Watermelon and the Butterfly (a repost)

Sometimes I leave the watermelon rind out on the deck for the birds and the bees to feast themselves on the sweet seeds and flesh of the fruit. This afternoon, I saw a beautiful butterfly just loving the fruit and … Continue reading

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My recent paintings.

Okay NOW, I am able to upload these two paintings without the disturbing line. 

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Art Workshop

After posting the paintings, i see that there is a line going through the paintings with arrows pointing to right and left. I have no frikking idea how to get rid of them. Sorry about the mish mash of my … Continue reading

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Art Workshop

Last weekend we had a workshop of watercolor paintings of landscapes by Alicia Farris. She is an amazing water colorist, and has been honored with numerous awards, and her work has appeared in many national and French magazines. Last year … Continue reading

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Drifting Apart (C)

Floating along in a mindless voyage Buoyed up and down In a bubbly prattle of waves Pieces of driftwood Wondering where they belong. Holding on to past aches Ignoring nebulous signs Playing games of ‘may be today’ Each day—a day … Continue reading

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