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Colors of my garden

This spring has brought an abundance of color in my garden. Everywhere I look, there is color, muted, and vibrant, they continue to bloom and give joy– these plants and these bushes. Such a feeling of gratitude in these days … Continue reading

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The Juggler

This is really funny. Please take a few minutes to watch. This will not be possible in today’s Washington. Some of you over the age of fifty might be able to recognize some faces. Look at the secret service behind … Continue reading

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OMG! I got the old WP back on.

I made a mistake by clicking on the new editor, and got royally screwed. Poor Mattie (nocturnal twins), he tried to help me and I couldn’t access the old classic editor. I went to it just now, and got the … Continue reading

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Constellations and Winter Planets

Paper boats in the day sparklers at night hugs and kisses, sweet memories each like a star in the sky. Hugs that felt warm smiles that charmed, tender in the cocoon of my breast~ some twinkling stars, others just lying … Continue reading

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A couple of poems.

Time. Youth Life Change like sighs, Different at night, Audible and relentless. They vary¬†with the start of daylight Stifled and controlled.¬© Prejudice Feel the tension in the shoulders The eyes, glaring cold steel daggers Locks on hearts, with ageless rust … Continue reading

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