Todd and my Garden

Who is Todd, you ask? I found Todd in the classified ads of the local newspaper in the mid eighties , looking for a job to do lawn mowing etc. I hired him to help me with my garden and mowing the lawn. He was diligent and treated my garden as if it were his own. He cleaned the fish pond, trimmed all the bushes, planted all kinds of roses and flowering bushes wherever I wanted them. He kept the lawn immaculate. The neighbors were envious and wanted him to do their lawns.

Gradually he got a few more lawns to mow. He didn’t want to do too much. He already had a good job as a prison guard at the Penitentiary In Mount Sterling. So he was happy with just doing my yard.
All of you have seen my flowers and trees and have been gracious enough to comment at the beauty of the blooms. All credit goes to Todd.

Yesterday he came over to mow the lawns front and back. I told him I wanted one bush to be cut down in the front because it was getting too big, and reversing the car, was difficult (dangerous) because we couldn’t see the cars coming on the street, despite my car’s signal warning me. I had to run over to a friend’s home to pick up a couple of pictures; Todd was in the back, and I knew he was trimming the bushes there. I was gone for about twenty minutes, and when I returned, I saw even before I reached my home that Todd was sitting at the trailer behind his truck, his head slumped forward.
I rushed to him and asked, what was going on. I usually have a tall drink of watermelon juice or Rooh Afza sharbath for him on hot days. I thought I would get that for him when I returned. But here he was looking white and sweating profusely.
He looked at me, and said, “Doc, I don’t feel good. I felt light headed, and have started sweating.”

Todd is a big man, about 6.4 or taller and very strong and trim in physique. I touched his arm and he was clammy, cold and sweat pouring from his face and head. I got him in, gave him iced lemonade and put an ice cold wrap around his neck. Felt his pulse, and it was so thready and soft, for a man of his stature. I got my stethoscope out and listened to his heart.
The heart rate was all over and every where with Atrial Fibrillation. My poor dear Todd. He refused to lie down. I called his wife and asked her to come, and if she were busy, I was going to get him to the ER. He didn’t want me to call the EMT. Jennifer came within twenty minutes. I kept trying to keep him comfortable, giving him fluids and salt, and massaging the carotid (yeah sometimes that will do the trick… not often though).

He went to the hospital and had the battery of tests done. The diagnosis was Atiral Fibrillation. Which, in and if itself is not a dangerous thing to have, but can be quite alarming if you are young like Todd is, and wonder why it suddenly triggered like that. The EKG, besides the A-Fib, did not show evidence of an MI. Thank God. I had them do the Treponin levels which were okay., I am told.
He finally converted to a normal sinus rhythm late in the night, and has been feeling better. Jennifer has been in touch with me the whole time. He has been placed on blood thinners and is advised to rest and keep himself hydrated.

This post, my garden and my flowers, I dedicate to a wonderful young man who is like one of my own children. Thank you Todd, for all you have done for me in the three or more decades. Here’s to your good health always.

All these above photos I had taken on my cell phone, but couldn’t upload to WP. (GAH) So I took photos of these photos with my Cannon and have posted them here.

Have a good weekend. I have just heard that Todd was discharged from the hospital and he texted me to say he is home. His wife says that she is going to handcuff him to the chair for a while! I am so relieved.

About Zakiah

I write poetry and some fiction, have a book that was published in 2012. . . Stray Thoughts/Winged Words. I have four grandchildren, ages 16 and half to almost 16 months. I love the ocean, and grew up along the Indian Ocean in South India. I am a retired physician. Don't know much else to say. Thanks for reading. That has been my profile for so many years. My daughter Saadia a great poet and story teller, has two sons; the oldest grandson is now 21 years old, doing architectural engineering at Missouri S&T in Rolla MO. His younger brother is almost 16 and taking driving lessons seriously and is in High School. The other two grandsons, children of my son Sayeed, are 9 and 5. I have recently published another book titled Gulistan, A home of Flowers. It has stories and memories of my childhood and of a distant land which I still consider as my HOME., even though I have lived here in the US for more than fifty years. Hope to see you on my blog.
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23 Responses to Todd and my Garden

  1. mrswrangler says:

    I am glad he is okay. That had to be scary for him and his family and you. You have beautiful flowers.

  2. whyzat says:

    Scary! Iโ€™m glad heโ€™s okay. He certainly has done a good job on your flowers!

  3. slmret says:

    And here I thought you were the ultimate gardener! Seriously, Todd was fortunate to have become ill in the doctor’s yard, where there was somebody who knew what to do for hm! I’m glad he’s ok, and hope he will take care of himself going forward!

    • Zakiah says:

      Been thinking about you Janet. Wasn’t able to write or blog here after the cataract surgeries. Hope you are doing well.
      Todd has been like another child of mine. Have known him since the mid eighties. I am just glad he converted to sinus rhythm.
      Love and hugs Janet, hope things are going okay for you.

  4. murisopsis says:

    That is so terrifying! I’m glad you were able to get him the help he needed!! I will continue to add him to my prayers! Also I’m very happy that your recovery from the cataract sx has put you back on the computer and behind the camera!!

    • Zakiah says:

      It was a terrifying experience. I was so angry at my self for giving away the EKG machine etc. to the hospital when they bought my practice. I knew what was happening, and was unable to do much until his wife came, other than monitor him. He didn’t want me to call the EMT. He is doing well now. In fact, he came over early this morning, to give me a hug. he looks hundred percent better. Dehydration, and its complications!! GAH!

  5. Tree says:

    Glad heโ€™s ok! Your flowers are all lovely so I hope he can keep helping you with the yard.

  6. Great job Zakiah – you probably saved his life. I wish he would have lied down and let you call the EMT. I’m glad you were there to help him. And you have your stethescope handy – I smiled when I read that sentence. I hope Todd will continue to recover. I hope you are doing ok after your cataract surgeries.

    Please tell Todd we love your garden.

    • Zakiah says:

      Thank You Matt. I am smiling at your comment. I just stayed with him. I knew it was arrhythmia, I just didn’t know the cause, if he had an underlying silent hear tissue. If Jennifer hadn’t come in five minutes, I would have taken him to the hospital myself.
      I am doing good post cataract surgeries. Went for a check up on Friday and was able to read the 20/20 line on the Snellen Chart. , I was excited beyond words.
      Todd was over this morning to let me see how good he feels. He is aware what a proud peacock I am about my flowers, and he knows he is loved.

  7. Oh, gosh! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ That is so scary!
    Thank you for helping Todd! You are a godsend!
    I will pray for him as he rests and heals and adapts to the meds, etc.
    Please tell Todd we appreciate how beautifully he tends your garden and lawns! It shows that he puts in a lot of hard work and love. Let him know we care about him and wish him well.
    (((HUGS))) โค
    PS…How are you doing?

    • Zakiah says:

      Todd is like my own child. Love him A LOT. He has been with me for decades. I am just glad he didn’t think he was brave enough to get into his truck and drive with the trailer in tow, to his home. Thank you for your prayers. He was over this morning, to tell us how good he is feeling. Such a difference in the color of his face. M and I couldn’t hug him enough! He is on blood thinners for some time and then will take a baby aspirin daily. He will continue to see the cardiologist regularly.

  8. Rupali says:

    It is disturbing but I am glad what happened to him had happened at your place and he got medical attention asap.

    There is a reason why people come to our lives and here I see the link. Am I little philosophical here? I wish good health and happy days to Todd and his family. ๐Ÿ™

    • Zakiah says:

      I am glad I was there. Really. Todd is a fine man, a gentle giant. I am glad it was not a heart attack and that he is doing well and the arrhythmia corrected itself. Thank you Rupali for your good wishes.
      I think being philosophical, is in the mitti of our land. It seeps into our soul and let’s us remember who we are.

  9. That must have been so scary! Love the flowers Todd has gardened! You have a shared passion! Enjoyed the detail in this story. Glad his wife is handcuffing him for a bit.

    Been thinking about you. Got a copy of your second book. Now I have both: one on paper and the first book in kindle. Love all of your writing!!

    • Zakiah says:

      He just didn’t know what hit him. Have never seen him that pale and be so clammy. I am so glad he is doing well.
      Thank you for buying the book A. How sweet you are! Hope you like reading it. Love and hugs.

  10. christao408 says:

    Fortunate that he was working at the house of a skilled doctor like you! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping that you and your family are staying well. The garden looks beautiful as always.

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