Some Random Thoughts.

Somewhere I had read about ownership and belongings. So much bric a brac in our lives!
We buy and we buy again, because there is no end to that buying. Because by buying we show the superiority. It doesn’t matter if the neighbor is without the food, or tenth of what we own. We just want to rub it in the faces of those who don’t have much.

We were taught better; we were told to share. We were asked to break the bread with one who came to our door, regardless of his clothes and his status. How quickly we forgot our lessons. Just in the matter of a few decades, the principles and tenets of the teachings, have slipped through our fingers like water!

Words of my father and grandmother shake the chains which have held me and my heart in a selfish clutch. ‘When a devout person approaches the door, don’t forget to take him to the head of the table.’ That’s what they would say. ‘Do what is expected of you, and don’t bother to leave tracks of your selfless work behind you. Your deeds if perfumed, will diffuse in the air as fragrance and people would follow you!’ This is what they told me.

And yet we buy and buy so we can have ownership and feel that we are better off. In these days of uncertainty and doom and gloom, I have to look within myself and realize that we have forgotten. We have forgotten the One who doesn’t care about ownership, and who doesn’t try to turn a profit, any profit, from every human exchange. All we have to do is lift our hands up and let Him see that our hands are bare and our heads are bowed in humility.

I have no idea what I am trying to say. Probably thinking about the advice of yester years, and figuring out how to live by that at this time of fear and uncertainty. I am okay, and not afraid, and don’t have any panic. I am only thinking about others. How can I tell them that we are not only the pain but also the cure for that pain? Yes, both at the same time! We are the sweet cold water and we are also the jug that holds that same water. I want to tell others that trying times come and go, sometimes they linger for a long time; but we mature, and we grow and we bloom with our selfless work, and just hope that these works of ours are seeds of perfume that others will hold to their hearts and follow the fragrance.

Thank you for reading.

About Zakiah

I write poetry and some fiction, have a book that was published in 2012. . . Stray Thoughts/Winged Words. I have four grandchildren, ages 16 and half to almost 16 months. I love the ocean, and grew up along the Indian Ocean in South India. I am a retired physician. Don't know much else to say. Thanks for reading. That has been my profile for so many years. My daughter Saadia a great poet and story teller, has two sons; the oldest grandson is now 21 years old, doing architectural engineering at Missouri S&T in Rolla MO. His younger brother is almost 16 and taking driving lessons seriously and is in High School. The other two grandsons, children of my son Sayeed, are 9 and 5. I have recently published another book titled Gulistan, A home of Flowers. It has stories and memories of my childhood and of a distant land which I still consider as my HOME., even though I have lived here in the US for more than fifty years. Hope to see you on my blog.
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9 Responses to Some Random Thoughts.

  1. mrswrangler says:

    A very good line of thought. There are times I wonder if others in life are better off than me. Than I start to think of how blessed we are in how in debt they probably are. Our house was paid for by the age of 30. Our vehicles are old but paid off. The only debt we are in is for the truck which we have paid half the loan off already and pay extra on every month. I don’t need more I would like more.

  2. I’ve been thinking about so many of the same things! You’ve expressed this so well, SweetZ! Your random thoughts are the much-needed wisdom we all need to hear! Thank you for sharing with us!

    I’ve been “channeling” my grandparents and parents and thinking about how they would respond to what the world is going through. They, of course, lived through World Wars, The Depression, The Dust Bowl, Flu Pandemics, Etc. Even tho’ they are all passed on, I’m trying to let their wisdom, kindness, love, and generosity to others be alive in me.

    People need our help today…and they will need it months and months from now.

    I’ve also been thinking A LOT about how grateful I am for all the amazing people in my life! And all of the things I am blessed to have and enjoy!

    I blogged recently about how it breaks my heart that many people can NOT shelter-in in safety. Or don’t have enough food. Or can’t pay their bills. Or have lost their jobs. Or even worse. 😦 We will have many opportunities to help, and we are, and we will continue to help.

    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

  3. Zakiah says:

    Thank you Carolyn. I have to go to your post and read your latest words.
    I am thinking of my mother a lot these days. She lost her mother in the time of the Spanish Flu, when she was only 3 years old. I cannot bring my mind to wrap around that fact. I see people dying here and leaving wives and children in the wake of the deaths, and I wonder how a three year old survived in India, without the love of the mother!
    I am blessed to have known her, and am blessed and grateful that I have my family around me.
    You are such a dear friend. Thank you for always lifting my spirit up.

  4. You wrote what I have been thinking about a bit. I think a lot of companies know how to sell things to us by appealing to our emotions.

  5. I really like the ideas of humanity that you develop so well in this post, Zakiah.
    Love ❤

  6. Yes..we need to gather friends and family..not things. 😉

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