Cyber Attack

Messenger Chat on Tuesday March 20th 2018.

S… (my friend from med school)_ sends an invite to me to connect on messenger. So I sent her a “wave.” Almost immediately I get a message.

S.. Hello!

Me.. Hi S. Heard you were in England for a conference. Hope you had a good time.

S: Yes.    I am good and you too?

{ I wondered why she didn’t say anything about her trip abroad.}

Me: Yes, I am good. Just waiting for warmer temperatures. The crocuses have started blooming and are glorious. If only the weather would warm up!

S: alright great to hear from you!!!

{Me, scratching my head. She usually responds to weather related questions!! Hmmm}

I’m really so much very happy lately hope heard about the good news too?

 [so much very happy? What an insult to S’s impeccable command of the language!]

Me: No, S, what news? About Eunice? ( A mutual friend who lives in Chicago, undergoing chemo for a rare cancer)

S: The department of health and human service are helping the youth, retired, widowed and also the disable and some working class in the society I just benefited from the program also I got sum of $150,000 from them have you apply also?

(I need to let the readers know that my friend has excellent command of the English language and never makes grammatical errors. She is a very dignified and cool lady who would never speak about money. SO you can imagine where this cyber conversation was going.)

Me: No S, I did not know anything about this. I will talk to you this afternoon. I am at the Wellness Center, exercising. I am very happy for you.

S: Anyway I think you should text their claiming agent now on their text number, or their facebook page before the program closed so that you can also try your luck and see if you can get something good from them too. Do you know how to do that?

Me: No I don’t. {{By this time I am telling myself, wait till I expose this harami.}}Can you text the details to me?

S: Hold on… While I look up for the facebook link of the agent for you.

(Then I get a link Along with this link there is a photograph of a woman.)

Just click on the link now and send her a friend request first before you message her

Me: I have caught on to your sick hacking game you idiot. You think I am a fool? I have reported you to facebook and to local police and FBI here!!

I did not hear anything for a couple of hours, and then I got another message, which was a continuation of the message from above.

S: that is there claiming agent facebook link tell her that a friend of yours told you about this program and you can get qualified too to claim your own winning money before the program get closed

This was followed with a thumbs up icon. Not sure if he /she gave that thumbs up sign after reading my last message that his plan of cyberattack was exposed. Anyway, I responded to him/ her with this.

Me: Go to hell why don’t you? I have reported your hacking you sleaze ball. Don’t ever try to contact me again. People like you should be in jail.


This conversation on the messenger unnerved me. I have never had this kind of cyberspace problem in the past. But we live cheek by jowl with the cyber technology, and the perils that it comes with. I am posting this here so others can be alerted, to look out for these individuals who prey on old people.

From the get go, I had this feeling that this was a hoax, because my friend who lives in a Southern state is totally nonchalant about games and winnings and would never talk about such cheap things like winning money, or advice anyone to play the same game. I just wanted to know how far he would go, and I got the link and have given it to the sheriff here and sent it on to FBI contact in Springfield IL.

Live and learn I suppose!

Zakiah Sayeed Ali.

About Zakiah

I write poetry and some fiction, have a book that was published in 2012. . . Stray Thoughts/Winged Words. I have four grandchildren, ages 16 and half to almost 16 months. I love the ocean, and grew up along the Indian Ocean in South India. I am a retired physician. Don't know much else to say. Thanks for reading. That has been my profile for so many years. My daughter Saadia a great poet and story teller, has two sons; the oldest grandson is now 21 years old, doing architectural engineering at Missouri S&T in Rolla MO. His younger brother is almost 16 and taking driving lessons seriously and is in High School. The other two grandsons, children of my son Sayeed, are 9 and 5. I have recently published another book titled Gulistan, A home of Flowers. It has stories and memories of my childhood and of a distant land which I still consider as my HOME., even though I have lived here in the US for more than fifty years. Hope to see you on my blog.
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20 Responses to Cyber Attack

  1. whyzat says:

    Gee, you would think they would get someone who could speak English! I see comments on Twitter using terrible English like that and people say they are bots.

    • Zakiah says:

      Not sure if this was a bot! I don’t think so. I think it was some one from another country who knows the ins and outs of hacking an account.

  2. slmret says:

    Oh, Zakiah — it sounds like your friend’s computer was hacked — I hope this same conversation didn’t occur on other friends’ computers as well! And I’m glad you didn’t click on the link! Do be careful!

    • Zakiah says:

      I am not sure that it was the computer Janet. I think it was her phone and the messenger on face book. She was using her computer to send and receive mail without any problem. Anyway, I think everything is taken care of now.

      • slmret says:

        I hope it’s all taken care of now! I usually just hang up on such calls, without even listening beyond making sure it doesn’t apply to me!

  3. murisopsis says:

    I keep getting phone calls telling me that I have an outstanding warrant for my arrest and that I need to call their number to avoid the bounty hunters! It makes me laugh because I’m such a law breaker and hooligan! They are persistent. I’m glad you were able to report them. Please stay “cyber safe”!

    • slmret says:

      Bounty Hunters!!! I’ve stopped answering phone calls from places I don’t expect to receive calls.

    • Zakiah says:

      Isn’t that ridiculous? Arrest warrant for you! Jeez! These dumb people must think they are dealing with people who are as smart as themselves!! Iggits!!
      oh yes, now I go to face book only if I am told by my children to look at something they have posted.

    • Zakiah says:

      Also, I never answer a call from a number I do not recognize. They are rather clever though. Sometimes the number looks very similar to my own, and with the same area code etc. I have got fooled a couple of times, and have answered the phone to be hailed by some ditsy voice saying how she has been wanting to talk to me. All recorded of course! So now I tell all my friends and family about this kind of scam.

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Sorry you had this experience. A year or so ago I all of sudden was getting messages from an aunt who passed away a couple years before. It was pretty easy to tell they were a scammer. At the same time it scared me to see a message from them. I think a cyber attack can cripple a country

  5. I’m glad you didn’t fall for the scam. I get regular calls threatening me with arrest because of a tax problem. These people claim to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency (equivalent to IRS). I just hang up on their recordings.

    • Zakiah says:

      You know Matt, I have heard so many people tell me about this type of call, but I have never had any message like that on my phone. Such brazen behavior.

  6. This is always frustrating. Sorry you had to experience that. Yes, we live and learn.
    I like how you handled it!
    As for phone calls…I don’t answer my phone if I don’t have the number in my contacts. I got a call recently from a number I didn’t know. A recording left a voicemail that the IRS was gonna’ sue me if I didn’t return the call. Ha. I didn’t return the call. I heard later from a friend that this scam has been going on for awhile.

    • Zakiah says:

      true. Read my reply to Matt. This scam /hacking I had, has been the one and only time that happened to me. Ridiculous that it is, it got me to be aware of the vulnerability of our smart phones and computers.

  7. This becomes worrysome , Zakiah . For the moment we receive phone call that are empty . we are prosecuted with that .
    About facebook i use only to answer to my friends .
    You are clairvoyant, Zakiah..
    Love ❤

  8. So sorry you had this experience. Glad you caught it.
    Love and hugs.

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