North Carolina

There is something about mountains. And there is something about oceans. I love them both immensely.

When I was driving with a friend from Charlotte Airport to Little Switzerland to the Wild  Acres retreat, I saw the most gorgeous wild yellow flowers and lavender in the median of the highway. And when I reached thee resort, the mountains were full of beauty and grace and I couldn’t have enough, of that beauty. I wanted to just stare and stare and get it into my system for the rest of my life. It reminded me of the mountains in South India when we used to go up to escape the heat of the plains.


The clouds on the mountain tops, the lush foliage, and the rustic, very rustic, setting, was such a neat experience for me to gather to my soul.

This retreat was organized by  The Sun Magazine, which was founded in the 1950’s (I think) by Sy Safransky. He is an amazing writer and has written many books and published books of poems. There were about 120 or more participants, all of them excellent writers, from different corners of the country. It was such a pleasure for me to mingle with them and share my work. I was surprised to see the authors who held the various work shops, acknowledge my work and praise it.



Isn’t the vista so pleasing to the eye? Such beauty all around.
The workshops consisted of prompts that were given out by the various writers who conducted them. Each of the participants had to write something within fifteen minutes, and she or he would call out to anyone of the participants to read it aloud. It seemed like I was singled out in every work shop along with three or four others. I am happy to say, that all of them gave me and my work a wonderful thumbs up with claps. Very humbling and gratifying experience.


I wonder if you can click on this photo of the gentleman who is the manager of the Wild Acres resort, so you can see the beauty of the pottery.. The building behind him is the pottery work shop. Apparently artisans come there to work on pottery and jewelry making work shops. The pole he is standing next to, was made by the potters, and each peace was done by a different artist and then placed one top of another to give it the perfect shape of a so called ‘totem pole’. Isn’t that beautiful?


These were just a few of the participants. The guy in the foreground is from Florida. He was kind enough to give me a ride from Charlotte airport to the resort and back. I had contacted him through the Sun Magazine help page. Real neat person. A good writer. The  picture above this, is of few of the other participants, and I had taken permission from them to post it here on WP. Each work shop had about twenty to thirty people, in all ages. It was a great first time experience for me.




Hope you have enjoyed this post of mine. Thanks for reading it. Good night.






About Zakiah

I write poetry and some fiction, have a book that was published in 2012. . . Stray Thoughts/Winged Words. I have four grandchildren, ages 16 and half to almost 16 months. I love the ocean, and grew up along the Indian Ocean in South India. I am a retired physician. Don't know much else to say. Thanks for reading. That has been my profile for so many years. My daughter Saadia a great poet and story teller, has two sons; the oldest grandson is now 21 years old, doing architectural engineering at Missouri S&T in Rolla MO. His younger brother is almost 16 and taking driving lessons seriously and is in High School. The other two grandsons, children of my son Sayeed, are 9 and 5. I have recently published another book titled Gulistan, A home of Flowers. It has stories and memories of my childhood and of a distant land which I still consider as my HOME., even though I have lived here in the US for more than fifty years. Hope to see you on my blog.
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36 Responses to North Carolina

  1. jstnotherday says:

    How wonderful. I am jealous. 🙂

  2. jstnotherday says:

    I was not able to click and enlarge the photo, but I can see that his pottery is beautiful just the same.

  3. slmret says:

    What a beautiful retreat! It sounds like an excellent workshop, and of course they called on you to read your poetry and clapped for you each time!

    • Zakiah says:

      Actually, the prompts wanted us to write prose. So I wrote short stories using the prompts that they had given. Yes it was a beautiful retreat, and I enjoyed it.

      • slmret says:

        Your prose is as beautiful as your poetry, Zakiah. I’m sure the short stories were worthy of being read aloud!

  4. The views are beautiful. I can see why you were so inspired. I’m glad you had a great time there.

  5. Beautiful. I went to North Carolina when I was a kid. I’d like to go back again. My dad’s family is from there. They lived on the reservation in North Carolina.

  6. So many talents gathered in a mountain area in the wilderness!
    Knowing your poems and your ability to use words to express your feelings or images, I am not surprised by the harvest of thumbs up and claps..
    yes mountains and wild lonely places with beautiful flora let us inspired and voiceless ! 🙂
    I am glad you got a so beautiful time with great people .
    Love ❤

    • Zakiah says:

      Thank you Michel. I think in the beautiful surrounding, where nature speaks to you, I think any body can put pen to paper, and write memorable things. I enjoyed my trip a lot.

  7. slmret says:

    I hope you will not be disappointed by our “city mountains” (as opposed to these lovely “country mountains”)!

  8. Lyne's View says:

    Beautiful country and looks like a gathering of talent and perspective. Gotta love that, right? (pats heart, and points to you)

    • Zakiah says:

      It was Lyne! I felt like every one there was so talented and wrote so beautifully , and with such ease. I was so grateful for this experience.

      • Lyne's View says:

        In the flow. Would love to stay there (feeling of ease and flow) as much as possible. It’s an evolution for the mind to experience when like energies gather and create. Have a beautiful day.

    • Zakiah says:

      How well you have expressed my feelings. Thank you. I hope you are having a great day too. Love and hugs.

  9. marica0701 says:

    Oh gosh, that vista!!!

    Glad you had such an enjoyable weekend 🙂

  10. I am living vicariously through you. This sounds like such a cool thing to experience. The scenery looks amazing even via the pictures and the resort looks so comfortable. Ahhhh sounds so nice!!!

  11. What a beautiful peaceful place to be creative, SweetZ.!
    So glad you got to go and learn and write and meet writers! 🙂
    I know you, AND your writing, was an encouragement to everyone there!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I spent the weekend gardening, weeding, watering, etc.! The weather was so nice! So, I blogged on weeds! Ha! 😛

    • Zakiah says:

      Thank you Carolyn. I am always amazed how I can fall in love with the beauty of a place with such suddenness. The rain we got the day of our arrival there, helped a lot, coz I love rain so much. ❤
      I am not sure if others were encouraged by my writing, but I certainly was impressed with the writing of others. 🙂 🙂
      Weeds are good. For the longest time what I thought was huge pretty bush of weeds, turned out to be honeysuckle! 🙂

      • I’ve never been to NC, but have friends who retired there. I hear them talk about how beautiful it is. 🙂 Oh, yes, I love rain, too! It’s so refreshing and inspiring and hopeful! 🙂
        Hope your day is going well today!
        You and your writing are inspiring to me! 🙂
        HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Zakiah says:

      ❤ ❤ <3. Love and hugs.

  12. So glad you got to go.. Lovely. love and hugs.

  13. r_hsw says:

    the location seems so nice and peaceful.

  14. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! Isn’t life Good! thanks for sharing…ilym

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